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We are a team of motivated individuals, we are professional, and are dedicated to our customers service.

The Mask Hosting Values and Goals

Our biggest value is Service, with offering quality service to our customers we have confidence in our company lasting forever. The service value is not just made easily, we push for honesty and reliability, which makes our team meetings shorter and work days easy.

Our goals push us to do better for ourselves and help us achieve our value in service. Our team has a background of running servers and doing many things in computer environments. To offer our customers better service we have to have the knowledge behind what we are doing. We use good Team Work methodologies in our meetings which help us understand each others goals and help each other achieve them. 

Our current positions

Chief Technology Officer (Reviewing Applications/Open)

Sales Team Member (Closed)
Support Team Member (Closed)

Chief Technology Officer Overview

Compensation: Paid per hour of work as needed.

- Maintain close relationship with team and executives

- Maintains our hardware (linux environments)

- Oversees data security and IT

- Researches new ways to improve our systems and software

- Experience in Linux

- Team work experience

- Innovative mindset and ability to work and solve issues within a team

- Experience in Agile Scrum Methodology is a plus

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